• Chartreuse Green/Glow
  • Pink Glow
  • Glow
  • Blue/Glow
  • Pink/Chartreuse Yellow
  • Fire Tiger
  • Red Glow
  • Chartreuse Green Glow/Pink

Ice Worm

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The Ice Worm gets down to biting fish fast and fishes both live bait and plastic presentations effectively with it's time tested horizontal design.

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The Lindy Ice Worm has been a staple design among ice fisherman for decades. The Ice Worm fishes heavy, getting down to the strike zone fast to capitalize on biting schools of panfish. The Ice Worm was the first jig with a segmented body emulating natural larva and still fools crappies, bluegills, perch and many other species of fish throughout the hard water season. The Ice Worm is available in multiple sizes and an array of colors designed to catch fish in any conditions.

  • Horizontal hanging jig
  • Fishes heavy 
  • descends to biting fish fast
  • 2 per pack


Model  Hook Size
LIW6 #6
LIW8 #8
LIW10 #10